GSoC 2017: Week I and II

18 May, 2017:
The title of my GSoC project is Single Image Batch Upload. In this post I will first elaborate in simple terms what this project is all about. Then I will move on to write a few words about my experience in the first week of the community bonding period.

Suppose you want to upload an image to the wikimedia commons . But the image is located in a GLAM(acronym for Galleries Libraries Archives Museums) website. There are some GLAMs which are willing to share their collection of images for use by the wiki users. So this project aims to provide you a tool in which you specify either a GLAM name and an identifier(that uniquely identifies the image) or a URL and click on a “upload to commons” button and the image gets uploaded to commons. No need to know any technicalities. We do the rest for you. As simple as that.

The first week has been quite exciting and progressive. I had several discussions with the mentors regarding the future course of action. We have accomplished the following in this short period.

  • I have introduced myself on the mailing list and joined Zulip.
  • The blog to is set up. Stay tuned for weekly posts.
  • The plan for the month of May is in place in here. We have broadly organized the tasks into four parts one for each month from May to August.
  • We intend to put our tool at the Wikimedia Tool Labs. To develop a new tool one needs to create Labs account and request access to the Tools project. I have completed that.
  • A basic prototype tool called¬†sibutest has been created. It is currently capable of authenticating the user based on his/her Wikimedia credentials.¬† The idea is to upload an image based on the given URL by the user. Uploading part will be done once we will determine the allowed URLs after more discussion.

Thank you.


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