GSoC 2017: Week III

The community bonding period is coming to end. It has been a fruitful experience. From the beginning we had set a fixed meeting time once a week for all the members of the team. Even otherwise, we used to log our IRC chats so that we don’t miss out any discussion. Considering the wide variety in our timezones it gave us the flexibility of time.

After a number of discussions we have decided on the flow of our proposed tool. What good is it to keep the good things from happening? So the coding began a little early than the beginning of the official coding period.

On the coding side, this week I did the following two major things.

  • Suppose one wants to upload an image from Nationaal Archief GLAM of the Netherlands. My mentor Basvb had already written a script to do batch upload from this GLAM to Wikimedia Commons based on a given search string.  I wrote the code to convert the metadata of a single image from the GLAM into wiki metadata. The code will be further refined based on the review comments of my mentor Basvb. The code is here.
  • I reported last week that I am making a test app called sibutest that will upload a single image based on UUID. The app has been fine-tuned. As of now it is not operational because while uploading the image using pywikibot the Oauth authentication is not going through. I hope to figure out a solution soon. The code is here.

Thank you.


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