GSoC 2017: Week IV

    Well, coding has begun officially though I had started writing code even before. We had decided to give some emphasis on the UI aspect of the tool during our weekly meeting. So this week I mainly focused on the human interaction aspect of the test app sibutest. The basic work flow of the app is the following.

  • An user arrives at main page of the tool. S/he sees a number of menus along with a Login to¬†Wikimedia Commons button. (UI done.)
  • S/he is requested to login to Wikimedia Commons via OAuth to continue.
  • After s/he logs in, a Logout button appears in the left top corner of the page. Now s/he has to choose a glam from a dropdown displaying a list of glams. (UI done.)
  • Then s/he can either upload a single image (as of now) or batch-upload multiple images (to be done later) from the selected glam.
  • He has to provide the UID of the image he wants to upload to Wikimedia Commons and click of the Upload to Commons button. (UI done.)
  • If the UID is correct then the image gets uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

    Our next step would be to handle the various cases that may arise when the user clicks on the upload button. For example s/he may provide empty/incorrect image UID. In that case s/he has to displayed a proper error message.


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