GSoC 2017: Week V

Hey friends, how is everything?

Today I would like to share with you my activities during the last week of GSoC. I had reported that last week I had mostly focused on making an UI for the sibutest app. So from our weekly meeting on Sunday I received a few review comments from my mentors. I have made the changes required to act on those comments. Also a number of improvements in functionality of the UI has been incorporated. The following is a summary.

  • Changing from textbox to dropdown for the glam name field in the form.
  • The Home button behavior has been set properly. When a user is not logged in to Wikimedia Commons the clicking of the Home button will display only a login button. Once logged in the clicking of the Home button will display the glam form asking details about the image to be uploaded.
  • The multiple category for a single image feature has been incorporated. Now if the user wishes to add more than one category for an image he can do so by simply clicking on an Add button.
  • I wrote the code to have the category information properly included into the wiki metadata of the image.



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