GSoC 2017: Week VI

This week has been particularly exciting. We had the first bi-weekly meet-up of GSoC and Outreachy interns with the Wikimedia Foundation. The meet focussed on our progress so far. For my part, I have shared with the community members the linkĀ  of the test tool I have made called sibutest. As discussed with my mentors this week I have focussed on refactoring the code to improve its readablity. Other than that some UI related tasks have been carried out. Below is a list of the same.

  • Written generic library functions for the following tasks:
    • Function to load the json from given url and get the parsed json.
    • The function that builds the wiki metadata from the glam metadata of the image.
    • Function to genrate a standard title for the image to be uploaded.
    • Function to upload the image file.
  • Created the help page for unique ID information of an image.
  • Written code to display the Commons URL once an image is successfully uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

The representative of the National Archief GLAM has been contacted. He has tested our tool and expressed his satisfaction about the tool here.


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