GSoC 2017: Week VII

This was the last week before the first evaluation. I have had a number of meetings with my mentors regarding the status of my deliverables before the first evaluation. Wiki has several templates such as Art Work, Photograph, Art Photo etc. One of the tasks was building generic template for using with all the GLAMs. Though I have written one for the same it was not satisfactory. The reason is I had not properly grasped the concept of being generic. The template that I wrote had some elements which were specific to a particular GLAM. In fact this task is a subtask of the larger task of making the tool scalable which will be my immediate next objective.

So I have discussed at length with my co-mentor Zhuyifei about the possible approaches for achieving the same. We have agreed to follow an Object Oriented Programming approach where each new GLAM added will be a class in python. There will be one base class containing two methods which all the GLAM classes will inherit. Also after the tool generates the wikitext the end user will be given an option to edit the wikitext for his/her satisfaction.

One question is how to decide which standard template (eg. Art Work, Photograph, Art Photo etc) to use for a given image. If possible this will be decided based on the parsed json of the url corresponding to the image. Otherwise we will have to employ other techniques.

So in a nutshell, the design for the scalability of the tool has been drafted. The coding for the same will begin now.


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